Presenting a growing international organisation which offers several aspects of audio products and services to help build better lives, carriers, businesses and relationships.

〉Our services are composed to help improve mental strength and inner balance, which can promote prosperity and happiness within the listeners life.

We aim to support you in achieving better self awareness and evaluate internal emotions as we as humans then easier can make contact and connect with our outer surroundings and reach for a healthier life in abundance. 

The products include House DJ event service, alongside with frequency method meditation audio and affirmation speaks.

These products are assistive devices to help with a positive transformation of the subconscious mind, to easilier achieve personal goals.

“In Tune with Body and Mind
Let´s Vibe and Connect”


Dj, Singer and Producer in Dubai, Ibiza, and LA

Christina Uhrbak produce popular House vibes. With her knowledge within frequency use she carries her music to a higher level. Book your Dj for you next event. 

Visit: uhrbakchristina


Mental Strength and Development tools

The UhrbakToolbox is linked with the newly established Youtube Channel: “Uhrbak Toolbox | New Balance”

The channel strives to contain audio tools to help you get relief from:  

    • Stress symptoms
    • Fears & Anxiety
    • Procrastination
    • Economic issues
    • Physical pain

The toolbox is created to help you gain inner strength and receive guidance towards success within your desired area.

Soon you will be able to have you own login on this site and find downloadable worksheets for your personal development. 

We are also working on releasing stress relief courses and a shop.

Visit:  The Uhrbak Toolbox